Easy to Cook, Joyful to Eat. It’s a kettle, yet cooks like a pot.
Eat, wash and store. Do it all with just one cooker.

Cook, eat and store.
Versatile to use, Time-saving.

Cook at the table and serve up immediately.
Every meal will be a time to enjoy quick and delicious homemade dishes.
Put on the lid and store any leftovers easily.
There is no need for a stove, plates or extra storage containers.
One siroca Choi Nabe Multi Cooker can do it all!

Main Function

Adjust the temperature and enjoy
various cooking!

It’s a kettle, yet cooks like a pot.
Temperature can be adjusted according to the cooking such as hot pot, ramen noodles, pasta, hot sake, cheese fondue and more! One cooker, makes a wide array of dishes.

There is no heater or electric supply at the bottom of the kettle pot. Therefore, it can be detached and washed.

The drain spout is functional for removing hot water off noodles and ingredients after boiling.

Since the bottom of the kettle does not touch the table directly, you can leave it as it is without laying a pot mat.*

Hot water boils in no time with a high heat of 1200W *

“POT Mode” Turns off after boiling
“COOK Mode” Cook and keep warm

Safe construction; it does not heat up if the kettle is not set correctly.

  • *1 Do not place the kettle after heating directly on a heat-sensitive table as the bottom of it will be hot.
    Using a pot mat underneath the kettle after heating is recommended.
  • *2 It takes 7 to 8 minutes to boil 1L of water. Time given is an estimate, it may differ depending on usage environment.


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Answers to customers who are
considering purchasing in advance.

What kind of cooking can I do?

  • Yes:Boiling, Simmering, Stewing, Steaming
  • No:Frying, Roasting, Stir-frying, Cooking Rice

The notification lamp blinks

  • • Blinking red (rapidly): Error (boil-dry)
    If the heater continues to boil and loses water, or if it is used continuously,
    an error occurs due to the temperature rise of the heater, and heating stops.
  • • Blinking red (slowly): Error (kettle detection)
    If you move the kettle during heating, an error occurs, and heating stops.
    To reheat, set the temperature control lever to “OFF”, and set the temperature again.
  • • Blinking green: Heating stops (when the kettle temperature is
    higher than the temperature setting)
    The water temperature may differ from the actual water temperature due to
    variations in the temperature measuring method of this product and conditions such as the usage environment.

What is the material and coating of the Choi-nabe?

  • Ceramic coating is applied to aluminum.

Is it dishwasher-safe?

  • Kettle part can be washed by dishwasher & dryer.
    Do not put the lid and main heating unit into a dishwasher or dish-dryer. Otherwise, some parts may be deformed and cause a malfunction.

Why did the buzzer sound before boil?

  • The buzzer may sound before boiling if you use cold water in “COOK mode” with a 100℃-temperature setting. But it will keep heating until it boils. We recommend using regular temperature water.


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